Those who improve their business performance:

  • use Balanced Scorecard techniques to manage achievement of their key objectives
  • use high quality self-assessment techniques to measure their performance against internationally acclaimed standards.
  • drive for continuous improvement often using observation
  • achieve the criteria of international excellence models and quality standards
  • use the principles of excellence that are accepted across the world

We will further improve your business performance by:

Our approach and software is used:

  • by all types of organisation, large or small, in the public or private sectors
  • to improve the performance of sectors, supply chains, business units or individuals within larger organisations
  • by chief executives, senior teams, performance improvement and quality managers, and consultants

Our products are developed with partners for specific sectors, or countries, to ensure product integrity and compatibility with their standards and management procedures.

Oct 2010: BQFsnapshot+ upgraded with British Quality Foundation to mirror the criteria of the 2010 EFQM Excellence Model. Provides the framework for self assessment and improvement .

March 2008: Observe upgraded to dovetail with the observation routines of many more FE Colleges. Upgrade increases the huge time savings available in analysing observation data . details

May 2007: Scorecard updated to version 3.1. Additional SWOT feature to support strategic analysis and planning. Templates for a number of sectors

Sept 2006: College Review upgraded to version 4.2 by theCollege Review User Group. Scorecards and self-assesment for Course Teams key components. - details

June 2006: Independent School Review for independent schools now available - details

The software platforms that support our products reflect high quality management practice