Observe has been developed to provide adminstration support for all organisations that use observation programmes to improve the quality of front line delivery. It is particularly suited to colleges, schools, work based learning providers, organisations with personal advisors etc.

Open/ download an electonic flyer in .pdf format for general introduction purposes.

The observation processes that organisations use to record observation detail and grades differ significantly. The main difference is that some organisations record detail and grades against a list of observation indicators; others only record against overall perspectives, e.g. Learning, Teaching and Attainment.

To meet the needs of as many users as possible there are 2 similar versions of the Observe program. Observe is based on the use of observation indicators, miniObserve has no observation indicators. Both programs can be customised to suit the precise observation processes of users.

There is a mini website to help you evaluate and compare the software feature of both Observe and miniObserve. This site describes, with screen images, how both programs are used, their features and outputs (with differences). Click ''Working with Observe' to access this mini website. A key feature is the extensive range of collation/ comparison reports that can be produced by both programs at the click of a mouse. The range of administrative features saves huge amounts of time.

Click here to download Observe and click Evalutate Observe and Evalutate miniObserve for a rapid routine in .pdf format to evaluate the software features of either program. You can also print out the User Guide on opening the software.

Observe or miniObserve are suited to any organisation that manages an observation programme that improves the quality of front line delivery, e.g. Colleges, schools or information, advice and guidance (IAG) organisations.

Most organisations request a visit so that senior managers can understand the features and discuss how Observe or miniObserve can be integrated with their existing systems. Please contact Anthony Darbyshire (01777-711141) to set up a visit .

Observe or miniObserve are aimed at those who are concerned with administering in-house observation programmes, or those who are responsible for quality. They will discuss, and agree, with colleagues how Observe or miniObserve can be used within the organisation and will organise its deployment, with training, as appropriate.

The key software features of Observe or miniObserve are the ability to store the observation grades and event details for up to 15 observations per member of staff . This information is manipulated by the software to provide a range of reports including reports that compare the grades of selected groups of staff. These collated, comparison reports can include reports for staff grouped by department, observer, academic level, event type, etc.. These features can be viewed in the Working with Observe mini website. There are also reports to manage the observation programme and to help analyse the characteristics of absenteeism.

The analysis and collation features in the software provide huge time, and cost, savings when compared to manual processes.

Observe was launched as version 2.1 in December 2006 as a product to complement College Review but it is designed with features that can be customised to meet the requirements of organisations in other sectors. It was upgraded to version 2.2 in September 2007 and extensively extended with miniObserve in January 2008 to meet differing needs.

We will introduce this product, by demonstration, to individual organisations or to groups of organisations. If you are interested in Observe or miniObserve, and possibly other products, of if you are a member of a regional quality group which will be interested in this product, please contact Anthony Darbyshire (01777-711141) to arrange an appropriate presentation.

User Groups: All users of Observe or miniObserve, who have an annual licence, are invited to be members of an appropriate sector User Group, e.g. College Review. These user groups meet, as appropriate, to discuss best practice in using Observe or miniObserve and related programs and to identify and agree upgrades to the software.

It is anticipated that members of the User Group(s) will share their templates and their evolving practice.

Latest News: Watch the home page for the latest news on product development.