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Observation, recording observation detail and issues arising

Observation and recording observation detail and issues arising

Observe is designed so that those undertaking observation can think through and record their findings using the observation template adopted by the organisation. Observers have the choice of either using a proforma document to record their observation findings or entering their findings directly to laptop computer.

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The software will hold upto 15 separate observation events for an individual member of staff.

To prepare for a new observation for a member of staff the Observer needs to have a copy of the observation file for the member of staff. The file should be opened by clicking File>Open Saved File or by clicking the Open a Saved File button on QuickStart. Their observation history, if recorded, can be displayed on the Grading, Event and View Progress screens. This is optional if an observer is carrying out a new observation.

On the Grading screen you can view the grades for up to 5 previous events (optional) on the screens for the 3 perspectives. You can also view any generalised notes for each perspective. On the Current Event screen you can view the circumstances of the event and any generalised notes of two issues. The notes for each perspective from the Grading screen are also shown together with the grades for each perspective and the overall grade. Clicking the previous events buttons will show the same information for the previous events. On the View Progress screen you can see the grading history for all 3 perspectives plus the grades for each perspective and overall

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To start a new observation for the observation file by click Start a new observation button on either the Grading screen or the Event screen.

Clicking this button will move all the grades and event details forward by one event on the screens and will leave the grading and event details for the current event blank. All the text boxes on both the Grading and Current Event screens will be blank apart from the personal details for the individual.

If, for any reason, this action needs to be reversed you can click Options> Cancel new observation and the original screen displays will re-appear.

If the observation is for an individual for whom there is not a saved file click File>Open Templates or click Open a Template File on the QuickStart screen. Then save the file using the file naming protocol for the organisation.

The observation file is now ready to record the outcomes of the immediate observation.

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The observer may prefer to make written notes about the observation rather than record gradings and observations directly into a laptop computer.

In practice a mix of observation techniques may apply.

The software can compile a hard copy observation document for an Observer. To compile this document for a specific individual, Open their observation file, select Record of Observation proforma and click Compile. You will be asked to save under an appropriate file name.

Open the document in MS Word and print out.

This observation support document will show the name details for the individual, the observation indicators and the grades for the last 4 observations. The Observer can make comments and allocate the grades in the appropriate boxes.

There is an option to compile a version of Observation Record document which does not show the grade history. In this version the grade history columns are replaced by space to record comments.

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Whatever techniques are used to record detail of the observation period, the observer should enter all the circumstances of the event to the Observe software using the text boxes on the Event screen.

The observer should also record the grade for each performance indicator and the overall grade for each of the 3 perspectives on the Grading screen. The overall grade should be recorded on the Event screen. When entering the grade for the perspective and overall keep clicking the radio button to select the appropropriate grade.

Refer to the indicator criteria and the grading rules as felt necessary.

The observer should make notes in the three text boxes for each perspective on the Grading screen and in the two text boxes for the event on the Event screen. The observer should also enter any training needs arising.

When the observer has completed the assessment the observee should be asked to make comment on the Event screen. The completion dates for both observer and observee should be recorded

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An valuable output of the observation event will be for the observer to agree with the observee improvement action that should be taken to improve performance.

Agreed action points can be recorded against performance indicators on the Grading screen by clicking the Action button.

The target date to complete the action point can be noted together with any grouping of action points (mini plans) which may be appropriate. These action points are part of the hard copy report of the observation event.

Over time a progress report can be added so that an update action plan report can be produced

For product background details, prices etc. go to the website product page. Click here to download and here to access a rapid software evaluation routine in .pdf format