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Overview of Observe features Observation outputs and reports
Customising the observation framework Comparison features and reports
Observation, recording observation detail and issues arising

Observation outputs and reports

Having established an observation framework and observed and recorded the gradings, event details and issues arising from observations it is possible to:

  1. Illustrate progress over time for the grades observed for individual members of staff;
  2. Create report documents for each observation and associated training reports;
  3. Create action plans and monitor progress on the action points for individual members of staff ;
  4. Create a progress report for the overall observation programme to show observations completed against those possible
  5. List all observations for staff in a department to identify members of staff who are due for an observation event.

Observe provides detailed management information with substantial savings in administration time when compared to manual, paper based observation processes.

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Clicking 'View Progress' at the bottom of the screens will access a screen that shows the grades for each performance indicator by perspective over the history of observation for the member of staff. The screen will also show the dates of the observations, the observer's grading for a perspective and the overall grading.

The 'View Progress' screen will display information which makes a useful to addition to hard copy reports, and for submission to management meetings. There will be a feature to export the image of this screen to, for example, MS Word;

Go to 'File > Screen Information Export' then select the area to be captured with the rectangle. 'Right Click the mouse and then Copy Image to Clipboard'. The image can then be pasted into documents and printed as required.

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A range of report documents will be able to be compiled using the 'Print' feature on the menu bar.

Having opened the 'Print' feature click 'Reports' for the list of all the existing reports, including illustration reports. We suggest opening the following illustrative reports for examples of the reports when they are available:

  1. Illustration proforma for observer use during observation.doc
  2. Illustration Observation Report.doc
  3. Illustration Training Report.doc
  4. Illustration Observation Criteria.doc
  5. Illustration Overall Observation Programme Progress Report.doc
  6. Illustration Department Staff List showing dates of observations.doc
  7. Illustration Action Plan.doc

Alternatively click on the report images below to enlarge.

The print screen will show the dates of events that are held on file. It is possible to compile observation or training reports for the last event or any other selected event.

The overall observation programme progress report can be dated for a specific period, e.g. the current academic year

The observation report will show:
  • all the recorded details of an observation event;
  • recorded details of the circumstances of the event together with observer comments;
  • details of areas for improvement and strengths/ good practice for each perspective;
  • training needs;
  • observee comments;
  • the overall grading for the last five events (if available);
  • the grading of the first perspective, e.g. Learning, for the last five events (if available) with the grading for each performance indicator within the persepective for the last five events (if available);
  • action points and target dates ;
  • recorded strengths, areas for improvement, action points and recorded progress for each performance indicator;

The printout of the report will provide space for the observer and observee to sign off the event in hard copy format if required.

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The associated training needs report shows the training modules required against the list of training modules offered by the organisation.

There is also space for the originator of the report to show any additional information regarding training arising from the observation and comment on how the training might be undertaken.

The report detailing the performance criteria of the observation framework lists:
  • the rules for overall grading
  • the criteria for each observation indicator

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The action plan feature is designed to organise the action points into a range of action plans. This feature is accessed by clicking 'Action Plan' on the menubar .

Action points can be organised by perspective, mini plan or overall.

Clicking 'Compile' on the action plan screen produces the selected action plan report in MS Word table format.. This document can be edited, formatted and spell checked.

This document is demonstrated by Illustration Observe Action Plan.doc which is in the Reports folder.

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You can compile a report that shows, for a specific time period, e.g. the current academic year, the number of observation events for each department against those possible and the grades recorded. To compile this report click Print on the menu bar and then Overall Observation Programme Progress Report. Enter the dates of the period required, e.g. the current academic year and click Compile.

For the period selected the report will show the total number of staff observed in each department against the number of staff in the department and the % observed. The grades recorded for each department are also shown.

You can subsequently compile a list that shows the last observation event for all members of staff in a department by clicking Observations in Department, selecting the department required from the drop down box and clicking Compile.

The report will show for each department selected the details of each member of staff (name, initials and position) together with the dates of their last 3 observation events as entered to their observation file.

The members of staff will be listed with those who have had the most recent observation events at the bottom of the report.

It will, therefore, be quite clear as to which members of staff are due for an observation event.

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