Balanced Scorecard

Balanced Scorecard principles are used extensively to manage short term performance and ADA Assessment Solutions Limited offer a Balanced Scorecard program that is featured in most of the Software Products

In 1996 Robert Kaplan and David Norton introduced the Balanced Scorecard framework as a measurement system to help organisations coordinate and focus the energies of people throughout an organisation in achieving the strategic goals and objectives of an organisation.

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An important part of the Balanced Scorecard framework is the definition of key objectives across the spectrum of an organisation's activities. Kaplan and Norton recommend that these are set out in four perspectives in the Balanced Scorecard - Financial, Customer, Internal, Innovation and Growth.

Each objective should be related to the organisation's long term goals with measures, targets and responsibilities being defined. The performance of the targets for objective should be measured, regularly, and reported to the management team.

Research shows that 44% of the UK’s FTSE 100 companies are using Balanced Scorecard techniques.

The Balanced Scorecard software produced by ADA Assessment Solutions Limited has features that offer:

  • 6 perspectives that can be customised to the strategy of an organisation with up to 8 key objectives being defined for each perspective - 6 perspectives have been found to be more practical;
  • a performance management screen for each key objectives which records the measures to be used, current baseline performance, and targets set on a traffic light approach. Actual performance over time can be measured in traffic light terms;
  • an overall Balanced Scorecard view of the performance of all key objectives;
  • a key objective performance report which can be ordered with the worst performing key objectives first;
  • a comprehensive action planning, monitoring and reporting feature;
  • the option of working at team or even individual level with appropriate performance reports for individuals;
  • a feature to compare Balance Scorecard files. This is particularly useful for comparing Balanced Scorecard files where the key objectives are the same for either teams or individuals;
  • the ability to link key objectives to the areas of management that drive performance when the Balanced Scorecard programme is an integral part of another programme.

The short term performance management approach of the Balance Scorecard program compliments the medium term approach of detailed self-assessment in most products.

The Balanced Scorecard product - scorecard - is priced very competitively.

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