Performance Management

Software by ADA Assessment Solutions Limited helps you to improve performance

All our products are designed to help you improve the way in which you manage the performance of your organisation in the context of sector, or national/ internations quality standards.

The products reflect key principles and processes:

  • All products are based on quality statements that are contained in internationally recognised quality standards and excellence models. Research has shown that achieving these criteria improves performance.
  • There is a specific Balanced Scorecard software product and this software is an integral part of other products. These principles are used, extensively, to define, manage and achieve key objectives in an organisation.
  • In recent years the involvement of employees at all levels in helping to identify strengths and areas for improvement has demonstrated that this is the most effective, and accurate, way to self-assess the practice and performance of an organisation.
  • Products contain materials to facilitate the involvement of employees in self-assessment and efficiently report the results of self- assessment.
  • Medium term improvement in practice and performance should be driven by the outcomes of self-assessment with areas for improvement being prioritised and included in action plans. All products contain a feature to manage improvement planning, efficiently.

Many organisations across the world research and promote the benefits of working to standards of excellence and the criteria of quality standards.

Many governments are concerned that both their public and private sectors work towards achieving these criteria.

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