Improvement Planning

Improved performance is driven by action planning to make improvements.

Given a successful business formula, organisation performance is driven by the quality, and extent, of the processes and management culture that exist in the organisation.

Good quality self-assessment using the products produced by ADA Assessment Solutions Ltd. identifies strengths and areas for improvement.

Areas for improvement can note the evidence that will demonstrate that improvement has taken place.

Following self-assessment areas for improvement should be prioritised with agreement on action that will improve practice, the way that the organisation works and performance.

All the ADA Assessment Solutions Limited products have an improvement planning feature. The main action planning points are:
  • the ability to state the action points for each quality statement (some products have the option of 5 action points for each quality statement);
  • space to record the success indicators, the responsibility, any mini plan and key dates for each action point;
  • an action plan feature that collates the action points and displays them against the various quality frameworks, responsibilities or by mini plan;
  • print-outs for any selected action plan.

The progress on all action points can be noted from time to time with updated action plans being printed out.

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