ADA Assessment Solutions Limited products offer a high quality self-assessment process

High quality self-assessment is the key to identifying, accurately, areas for improvement. This can only be achieved by drawing out the knowledge of individuals who work in the organisation.

All the products produced by ADA Assessment Solutions Ltd. have features that support a process to secure carefully considered self-assessment information that is agreed in consensus groups.

The self-assessment process has a number of steps:

  • decide which parts of the organisation shall be subject to self-assessment (different departments or the organisation as a whole);
  • identify the individuals who will participate in groups undertaking self-assessment;
  • brief the individuals on the self-assessment process and request that they each consider and make notes, using the hard copy workbooks, on the strengths and areas for improvement for each quality statement. This ‘homework’ may take several hours;
  • bring the individuals together for a consensus workshop, which may take a whole day, to debate and agree the strengths and areas for improvement for each quality statement. There can also be agreement on the grading of the quality statement (critical, important or relevant) and a % score;
  • this ‘quality’ self-assessment information should then be entered into the software product;
  • all products have a range of automated self-assessment reports that extract the information;
  • it is recommended that the information that is entered to the software is in the form of short statements.

This ‘quality’ self-assessment process is usually carried out annually as the basis for a plan to improve practice in an organisation.

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