Downloading and Purchasing

Most of our products are available for download, evaluation and purchase. Some products can only be obtained and purchased through partners.

To download a product you must complete and submit the application to download form. You will then go to the page where you can download the software.

All products are designed to operate on the hard drives of individual PCs. When installed on a PC a program generates a unique serial number in the ‘Licence’ feature. This serial number must be communicated to ADA Assessment Solutions Ltd. at time of purchase to obtain the licence number to fully activate the program in that computer.

Licences may be issued for a specific, or unlimited, period of time depending on the licence terms for a product.

Go to the application to download form to download and evaluate a product.

Go to purchase order to order and make arrangements to pay for a product and apply for the licence number.

Go to technical support if you require support in gaining access to products, understanding their features, obtaining a licence or using licenced software.

Computers with modern versions of MS Windows can be set up by IT Administrators to allow various levels of User Rights.

All products require Full Adminstrator Rights at time of installation.

If a computer is required to operate with 'Limited User Rights' it is necessary for the IT Administrator to give the program directory in C:\Program Files and the Avisoft directory in the Registry (regedit.exe) full Read, Write and Delete permissions.

Some products will provide these permissions on installation but antivirus software may prevent the installation of these permissions.